Monday, August 15, 2016

Rule of love

This night is full with shadows, stars timidly tremble from a far, and that full moon lasts lost somewhere behind the dark clouds. Nothing moves, my planet is sleeping somewhere in a dream. This night is not like any other night, this night is like that night…

Above the starry sky, in the wishes of the moon, above unknown plains, in the dream of the planet, beyond all the shades of the night… in a brand new space, you came along creating legends out of time… you made it stop, and eventually, time lost its meaning; you destroyed its essence making a rip in it, a secret known only to the two of us, a haven for the both of us. And you took me in that place of love, bringing hope where there is none, harboring me from myself, the lost orphan that I am. On the inside, on the outside, we created a same material from the two of us. In such dominion where the only rule was that of love, when you were the one half and I was the other… when souls gather into one.

There are tales… and there are legends which sculpt a person’s life, giving new definition to destiny, redefining character, when loss is only counted with meaningless time. I’m afraid, I know all about it.


  1. But why when it doesn't have to be that way...or does's unnecessary roughness

    1. I'm sorry, my anonymous friend, I don't seem to understand... what's unnecessary roughness?

  2. I admire the way you shared this topic