Saturday, October 22, 2016

Autumn leaves

Summer time echoes in the fresh memory stealing wicked smile on the face, still brewing inside my core of things, still recovering from it… and yet again I have done my part of sin, expensive treats in my summer heat. Hotwiring women’s hearts, making my way through, the kind of diligent worker I am. Somebody just got to give…

And right now I can hear the cold of a new autumn, an omen and a signature for all those thousands of colors which need to be touched, smelled, and touched again. In all the depraved splendor of a soul stripped from pride, there is something left… there’s always something there, the well is never empty…

And like every other autumn I make an effort to forget, defying myself in a false pretense; when deep down in my conscience I truly know the meaning of what’s meant to remain unforgettable. Complementing the cold, time picks up somewhat slower pace.


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