Friday, November 25, 2016

The knot in the tie

I find strange answers to my peculiar questions, some of the results of my confusion leave me even more confused… picturesque demonstrations of the drive in my fatigue, and that excites me in a stranger way. Though, I’m still upset about the knot in the tie.

The thing is, I have a choice to make. I need to choose from untamed extremes, fortunate only in their restlessness and bad behavior; how appropriate for me. Yet, from some even strangest place in me, possibly some deep limbo, I’m reluctant. In such a condition which I can only describe as a form of diminishment, I feel simply rebellious in my occult nature. There is smog in my bloodstream… my comfort allows me not to strive toward choice, I can afford to avoid decision making. Costly as it is…

In fact, I prefer to hate the knot in the tie:)

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