Friday, December 2, 2016

Machinery of Life

Sailing away in restless seas brings its cautionary price on the flesh, taxation on the spirit. Imperfect by design, powered by centrifugal forces in this machinery of life… a life built in fantasy and imagined in its basis with love for existence. At this silent moment I need to forget just for a bit all that weight on me, the gravity of thoughts. In the warmth of my repose I think of comfort, convenient form offering rest for both the soul and the body.

Very slowly I felt as if I was losing my strength, all that might of my youth diminishing somewhere, maybe nowhere… like a slow exhale into the ether. Empowered by curiosity and only powerlessness prevails over my muscles, driving away any trace of thought in the head. When all becomes blank, breath gets sweeter forevermore. Joints in the bones are gently aching, and all muscles calm from trembles. Bed embraces the body, giving home and comfort to my exhaust. Drifting into sleep, inevitable seduction of dreams awaits… I love to go there, whenever I can:)