Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One World

We’ve developed incredible capability to influence space and time, change them in a shape according to our desires and dreams; imagination achieves true form. This product of our untamed curiosity fills the void which exists between the thought and the soul, in an age when every one of us is an alchemist. In that vast distance, in that space under the skin, there we exist. And our home becomes all, undreamed, undenied… the planet.

The gene pool is growing benevolently in the mystery inside the depths of our timeless conscience. In that microcosmos of ourselves where everyone is a galaxy of its own, our potential lies limitless in the probabilities of the possible outcomes of the future; and this possibility of hope must give us strength to strive toward endeavors promising enrichment both of the self and the totality of all. Here, on our blue marble we exist beyond count, and for this reason, our society should mirror happiness, unity and plenty.

The old ways are gone, they’re history taught in schools to the offspring. A cruel remembrance of who we used to be, threat with exclamation as a warning of the beast within. An entire niche of questions haunting our existence, carrying only bitterness in the spaces beneath the skin, suppressing our sentient selves on the margins of human opportunities; all of this is but a cast into exile. There is nothing eroding the spirit anymore, nothing that makes us float in the chaos of our heads, turning us against each other.

One world, ours… a jewel fantastic as it is.

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