Monday, January 2, 2017

Years of Love

Seasons change, years are adding up in this spiral of life, when new hopes for old prayers are spoken in silent whispers… and yet, years are only numbers.

Forms transform from fantasy into reality, when reality is obscure, like cinema in Dali’s dream… and confusion in this loud mind is left untold, only to serve me as an intro into an even braver world full of surprises.

Feelings echo beneath this skin I live in, transcending this mixture of enzymes I’m made of, sharpening my existence as if it is made of pure blinding light… bringing impulses of excitement where there were only upset and tremors.

Deep down in my dark soul I want to talk to you, but I stand voiceless in my capability to love you… so, no need for words; I’m just going to love you, regardless of any known cycles of years passing by:*

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