Thursday, February 9, 2017

Strength in Numbers

Another mindless process in the abandoned spaces of my braking heart. In these despicable foundations of my emptiness where everything is against what’s left, heroes, not thieves, stand trial for their criminal… when crime becomes a matter of opinion. Reason changes as I walk through my ages, marking everything that I am, what I’m supposed to be. But changes benefit me more than often; they open possibilities for the new by betraying the past, sometimes with infidelity to others, often by fading of some old expectations of my making into mists of forgotten miseries. In most cases, this spiral of necessary betrayals doesn’t diminish me in front of the darkness bringing ruin; my depravity in the reasoning is far beyond any accepted classification of contrasts, for I walk a thin line somewhere between nobility and corruption, achieving neither in full throttle. And now, when the tide is high, my allies inexorably gain strength in numbers.

Then again, I am who I am, what I am… an honest provoked consequence of myself, striving toward totality in freedom of being.

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  1. you re deep and warily logged in and out your intellectual forest after tendering trees of choice