Sunday, March 12, 2017

High Atmosphere of Secrets

I’m elevating you in my high atmosphere of secrets, here everything is out in the open. Come, take this journey with me to this unknown destination, just for the joy to travel somewhere, anywhere. That’s the way I’m made, my fabric is just too obscene.

Sweet floral scents are occupying my receptors, seducing me in a harmful obsessive manner, and these black eyes turn back to blue as a result. Another spring is coming impatiently, alarming as it is!

In such days without a night, when hope is no longer a craving, everything is at my mercy, firmly caught in my midst to do as I please… I’m tightening my grip, the way I see fit, vulgar and occult as I am. Time just couldn’t erase it from me, it’s biology… I’m an unpunished psychic criminal, standing tall in my defiance never to fall again.

I make a pause, stop to catch a breather. There’s no grammatical meaning in my silence, I only have a need for something fresh.

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