Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Kingdom of the Soul

Is there anybody like us out there? A frame twisting within itself, an unknown deity warping in the fabric of space. In a place where time is just a cycle, I exist extremely fragmented and every crumb of me is made of you; there I begin from you. Feelings are no longer just feelings, they’re chasing.

Voices and fragrances open the path to a truth. That long deep breath you take when you hear my moan, it leaves my every muscle pulsating in enchantment. Here above the long winding spirals of my manhood, I rise in the heights of my future, when I turn to you… and every cloud is cloud nine.

Here, in this kingdom of our souls, there are no buildings raised by man, there is only the free roaming of the wild flames which consist us.

Dreams merge with these bloody lives. They’re alive, they’re chasing.


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