Monday, April 24, 2017

Cost of Regret

Whispers in strange languages are echoing in the distance, blocking signals, even messages in corked bottles. Some sort of barrier, a protective shield constructed of will to erase. Then again it’s only a futile effort… the impossibility to multiply anything or anyone with oblivion, or the history that carves us into who we are, what we are. And what’s the worth of this life if it stays like that, safe and secure, protected from feelings, unexplored!?

At a certain point, one comes to understand that the biggest regret in this life is an unexplored feeling. When we go against it, we go against ourselves; and that’s costly, we always pay with a good chunk of the soul. Repeating it by habit, one time after another, other feelings numb, they’re denied; and by the time that happens, we become something else, something different… full of regrets.

I’m truly blessed I know nothing of this!



  1. this is a rich & frank reflection of life and individuality regret can be expensive and our society is full of wo factors to model for sheepishness re right but whats your own salad or sweet cake is another mans poison -we boil or cook or fry at different levels of nutritional or spiritual literacy so it goes with life & love & reckless sex or conjugal sex or permissive or exploratory postures .You might be good at chess while others will choose monopoly or Polo -outdoor elitist recreationaloptions.gtjmst

  2. hi Dejan you come across as likely believer even if not any of the west religions you used the word blessed in an aaffirmative way real faithfuls
    do.then youcan all this gorgeous online project into smething possibly rewarding not outrightly entertaining bt turn it repackage it as a protest against the unequal or empirically unsaintly world order because unrighteousness show across creeds and echelons east or west and their ideological disciples ...whats your take i will like you to mail your reaction to this i will soon wind up here .it s an un regrettable chatting on your blog -adorned with such something akinto a 13th c moslems going to mecca on foot I dont want to liken it to a Boer trek because that would have been mandatory without choice. Please mail your specific reaction to me on this

    1. This place is curious, this place is a non place. It’s not located in some secret corner of the soul, since there are no secrets; it’s actually devouring the entire inside, projecting itself on the outside… gaining substance, encouraging stings, thirst and hunger all around.