Saturday, April 22, 2017

In the dead of the night

Deaf tones are spiraling the city. Every movement is muted, suppressed. Secret spaces are calling, offering comfort, warmth in hug, promising beauty and sweetness; citizens are gathering and grouping in the land of dreams, we’re all together there – in the dead of another cold night.

And I’m completely safe in my high hide, dreaming that I’m dreaming. This time, life is not at stake, the price is not my soul. I’ve severed every meaningful bond, I’m alone in the silence, catching a breather. There’s no unrest, not a single trace of pain, there are no words, not even feelings, only the comfort of my fatigue.

I’m lying on my belly, hugging the pillow, destroying its shape with my brute force. And all of a sudden weightless shadow jumps on my back, blowing into the back of my head. I wake up frantic, comforting myself that it was only a dream… when deep down, I know it was you!

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