Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Emotional Content

These times require extensive thinking, thoughts gain shape through actions, and as a result the world we see is somehow changed...  something like a small play, but played seriously.

And yet, other parts of this world, those which remain unseen, elusive – they remain the same, as images of illusions hiding their true motives behind something deeply perverting what most hold sacred… our liberties and dreams. These ideas are in defiance of what most of us believe, endangering what’s left of our humanity, drop by drop eroding it all away, again, somewhere out of sight. Thus we become prisoners of conscience, naked branches in the cold winter nights; and we’re doing nothing but time, spending it in vain, awaiting for something to come… again, something elusive, never within grasp.

We need emotional content, in lack of it, we blindly obey…

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