Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brave New Worlds

Your tender loving eyes release my pain inside, all those whole desires left undone, yet belonging to you, totally. Years changed and transformed into new seasons, when time lost its meaning, for you mark an age in this bare destiny of mine, and I can never hide – never from you. Times never pass, they grow into something else and my desire to belong gets only stronger, you’ve changed me by making me so much more. You’ve stamped the right side of the heart, nested yourself there ruining me for other women. Even this world has changed in my attempt to divide myself into two, so that a part of me will never be missed over there in your brave new world, in that new place you call home, in that bed where you knit your dreams from that soft essence you’re made of; and that other part of me stays here in my naked existence, dormant in a dreamless state, all those dreams stolen with your tender affection… I can never again dream without you.

And I’m never here, I’m somewhere else:*

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