Monday, August 28, 2017

When I breathe what you breathe

With a freshness of a mountain spring I quiver finding the path to my secret sea. In this everlasting breakthrough against elements of nature, my fireplace is closer and closer, and all those worlds beyond…

Suns extinguished so that new ones could be created from ancient sparks, lives passed by only to feel another rebirth… but the dreams for the woman never appeased, they roared fiercely in the depths of my untamed core, forevermore.

The ember was inflaming when the thrill of the hunt gained only in strength. In that ancient struggle, identical for every new generation, whispers echoed on the inside that I’m getting closer and closer in my search for my female equivalent.

And here comes this dream for a smile that returns all specters of light in my eyes. This look which awakens shady reveries from the past. A touch that restructures my build in a calm embrace, as a port offering home for all my wrecks of ships… when her kiss renews all freedoms of my soul.

And I’m recreated there, skin on skin, from centres of the brain all the way until edges of my fingertips. This electric current hurling through my cell structure carries her name, so that this skin I live in is her undoubted dominion, undenied.

In this most desired comfort, when I breathe what she breathes, I’m happy at last… only because she sleeps there with me:*

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