Sunday, September 24, 2017

... autumn of our saga

Hopes gather, they vibrate surrounding me with their signals for instant karma; arriving from my north, merging themselves quite elegantly with the freedom in my dreams… so that I can have options once more, fresh fortune in another autumn of my saga.

Way too many structural reforms of my soul tissue have already invited themselves in, in an age when soul poverty is extinct and long forgotten. Changes reshaping me on a cellular base, I can feel those added chromosomes to the niche, enriching me. All those thirsty fiends inside me roaring in restlessness for this new age, my age of plenty… when I have options once more, in another colorful autumn of my saga.

And into the core of all these sensations lies a true woman, safe and secure, protected with my substance of life; giving me purpose, defining me… when my options are firmly situated within her, when our freedoms merge in this state of two… in another autumn of our saga.

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