Saturday, June 23, 2018

Achieving flight

Creative energy is exploding all around, building fresh worlds in the appearances of the one we already live in, changing all inconsistencies in a spectacular manner, they become irreversible. In this spectacle of living, in this bifurcation knot, whatever happens never happened before. Results are overwhelming in all directions, they impose incredible pace. It’s unclear to me how constant growth of my reality is accomplished. I guess I’m a diligent perpetrator, a thorough giver, a dedicated alchemist altering reality on a large scale… I don’t know, but I’m not going to waste a single second trying to understand what led to this or where it’s going to take me, I’m simply going to enjoy the hell out of it.

This time I achieve flight… again… much higher than before!

In such uncanny state, I spy with my blue eye… everything in sight!

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