Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dream Age

Behold all the civilizations of old. Eons after eons of passing times, we linger on discovering gradually all secrets of nature, drifting forever as observers of the entire region. Our genetic code is full of memories, within us lays the source of ourselves. We are the basic perturbation of our complexes; as if we are just a fragile tip of the grass, and as such our entire race endures on. The basic build of everything which is situated between us, springs from our souls and gives a gentle kiss to our existence. Each and every flower is composed of us; we are the silk in the clouds, the ember in the Sun, and the cinnamon scent in the mornings.

Even when we gaze at the sky, we never limit ourselves. We are those which perceive reality in their dreams; the entire future of everything arises only from us. Super powerful with qualities beyond any measure or concept of control, there exists no boundary for us. This endless realm is ruled solely by thought and magic; because we can taste the rays from the faraway suns.

United in our endeavor we strive at the endless voids of nature in order to touch further than our dreams… to see the regions of all creations and to face the thermal crash of nature. We can see what lies hidden and in secret, we sing our ode and we call for desires from the deepest marrow of our substance.

For the times have come, those that are made of dreams. This is the age in which everything will begin again, The Dream Age, created and born in the ethereal region of an enchanting knot of perpetual circumstances; a knot that defines us! 


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