Sunday, May 18, 2014

No sleep for the wicked

We all quiver through: people, things, places, situations and conditions; thus through our interaction with them we upgrade and better ourselves up to a certain measure. All of this can be described through a specific mathematical equation. Usually it’s a differential equation of higher order, and in it there are present many differentials of variables, niches, logarithms of “e” (constant component of nature)… in essence they could be changing and transforming into different shapes and types, so their solving is often very complex challenge: we tend to simplify these equations into differentials of lower order, specifically taking precaution how we group the differentials, and concern on each and every part of the equation whether it lies on the left or the right side of it. In any case they are very hard to solve theoretically, so in most cases we create approximations, which in a huge measure create several possible solutions, or a domain in which these solutions lie, thus we have a field for play.

Solutions of these mathematical approximations (in my case) come after interfering of a certain philosophical, metaphysical or psychological revaluation of the given results, which sometimes (depending on: people, things, places, situations and conditions) shifts the boundaries of the spiritual and physical possibilities of the one.

Henceforth, the art of any given average mathematician is to develop the equation in time by adding of new variables which arise from our surrounding, and eliminating those which are no longer applicable; thus at first sight making the solution even more complex, but the end goal is to avoid insolvability of the equation. These variables originate from mathematical niches of external or internal sensations caused by everyday bifurcations and in their nature they could be divided into: coincidences, reversibilities, irreversibilities, calculated constants, inertial or noninertial forces, any of the four basic forces; and of course those mentioned above: people, things, places, situations and conditions…

When we tend to think too much we strive to create an unsolvable situation, thus establishing a route in life full with confusion and lack of understanding. This is the one way street to find ourselves lost.

And when we feel, things are so much simpler?

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