Saturday, December 27, 2014

... the dream we dream together

I hardly wish to all of you a material gain, it’s inconsistent. I also wouldn’t like for you to have financial growth, since the currencies of exchange are changeable.

I would like you to have harmony in health, warmth of touch and to be surrounded by the enjoyment of presence only by beautiful people in every moment of your every breath. Dream with someone in unity, because in togetherness lies the secret joy of living. Love each and everyone down to very nakedness of your soul. Bore people with your kindness. Give without expectation for anything in return. Be and remain human! Have a thousand years in one!

We are one…

And allow me to remind myself of these words said by the irreplaceable romantic Lennon: “ The dream you dream alone remains only a dream, but the dream we dream together becomes reality!” :*

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