Friday, April 10, 2015

Emotional intelligence

An entire niche of questions which haunt his being, bringing deep whirlpools in his thoughts and exiling the consciousness on the edges of human capabilities and possibilities. He feels that these questions are eroding the soul, pushing him outwards, on the margins, where everything is so blank and silent. He needs to find an answer to the riddles, at any cost. Floating in a mixture of thoughts, attempting to turn to the wealth of the inside – his substantial existence.

Voices and fragrances open the path to a truth. Extremely fragmented data from distant memories linger buried in the consciousness. By discovering the true sensation behind the memory, he brings recreation of the moment past, grasping that which only lies in vales of oblivion.

Suddenly a voice finds its path from the distance, carrying within it magical sensation of a scent so sweet, filling him with enchanting adoration up to the point that he wants to stop breathing, only to keep it within him forever… without breath, but with a full soul that unconditionally loves and wants.

A remembrance of what he was, of what he still is… the perpetual existence of emotional intelligence…

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