Monday, April 13, 2015

Ladies first:*

A touch draws that line which separates reality from dream. There is something warm in it, inviting and most dear. I open my eyes slowly, very cautiously. I see her naked contours clearly on the pale crescent moonlight. I’m easy, so I don’t resist and obediently submit to her mild orders and I succumb into the full luxury that is her. Balls deep…

She still has some remnants of the delicious strawberries on her bottom lip, and I can still bite the taste of the passing day from her sweet smile; always a constant smile on her pretty young face, even when she sleeps. But, she’s not sleeping now;)

In this moment consisted of that entire beauty firmly caught in my midst, from the depths of her sigh she silently speaks a soft sound in my ear… I think that’s my name;)

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