Sunday, May 10, 2015

The state of me

In these days the fight for the dream is already in a developing phase. Sacrifices on the flowery meadows are beyond numbers, even beyond grief. And yet, the entire surrounding is new, and that brings this calming sensation of satisfaction and fulfillment for the present. Beauty is everywhere, all around, it only requires a look ready to admire.

Such flow of events perceived with this sensory perception create time above times, a sublime form of hedonism in life, obvious that as the shape of things unfolds even more, the pleasures will be only greater and sharper.

A higher life unveils, but this time, there are no boundaries of existence, not a single form able to restrict thought. The entire heavens lie in the heart, and the horizon is where I am.

A state of existence representing my ultimate craving, wanted most profoundly throughout my childhood and my entire youth…

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