Saturday, August 8, 2015

Life :)

It’s obvious; it’s a continual process, a perpetual movement, bifurcation, a force that drives with need for speed, impatient by nature. It’s a burn, a conceptual fire, chasing. A deafening noise, peculiar only to silence. This ray carrying synergy of light and dark, both of them at the same time. Can’t be planned, since it’s unpredictable coincidence. Takes a known shapeless form, comes as it is, acceptable by default. At times it’s clear as the far horizon, sometimes it elevates high above, in other cases carries the tars of hell within. It’s a discrepancy of time, circumstance unknown to causality, it’s here because it wants to be here. It’s a tear, it’s a smile, it’s all of us… inside me, inside you, everywhere…

This thing called life!

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