Saturday, November 14, 2015

My sweet surrender

There you are, all nice and cozy, your skin wrapped between these sheets, my sweet surrender. Trying to think, but I can’t… trying to breathe, and I can’t do that either. What I can is watch you sleep, the way you gently sigh while you dream of something that petite lovely women dream of. In this nameless night, you chose to sleep beside sleepless malice. Of course you’ll regret it;)

And I’ll stir something inside you that will forever change the way you see things. You, sure as hell, are going to like it; and of course – you’ll regret it later…

Picture me in those sweet sweet dreams, and then, picture you… now picture both of us… remember how you replaced what purity you thought you have, with a need for redemption. And even then, in another night full with betrayals, I’ll be your preacher… the only thing different will be the clean set of sheets. Well at least, clean in the beginning;)

My sweet surrender…

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