Sunday, November 1, 2015

The game is afoot

Forces are running amok, deranged as they are, completely out of control conquering what’s left from our daylight – unavoidable consequence in these times when we replace fears with curiosity. We extinct any brake that has even a remote possibility to undermine us into the forgotten unknown, for we own a need for speed. On this threshold we stand tall, looking only at our dreams in the endless wide before us. This path is made of us, safeguarded only by means of our imagination. Here and now, unexplored reverie of every alchemist of old.

Love is never lost and dreams are never left in ruins, they perpetually thrive, and we are in a state of constant bloom.

The game is afoot, and we’re ready… as a matter of fact, we were born ready!


  1. Yes... I obviously understand this blog.
    I also really enjoy your style. I always flow
    through your blogs with without taking a breathe (or that's how it feels lol) Your topics
    always catch my attention and you seem like the kind of person who is only looking for
    the answer, and by that I are
    willing to change your opinion or at least
    discuss the other side of a debated topic,
    just to see if you can convince yourself ...
    ha ha Lil. If that made any sense ??? Lol
    Anyways that was my version of a compliment. I am changing and becoming more like this... The more I realize ..I don't know much about much...and whatever I know something about.... It ain't
    The more open I am to looking at both sides, where before ..I took a side and road that shit til the cows came home. Anyways just NY long winded way of saying...great blog.
    I enjoy your writing. Later

    1. Thanks a million friend:)
      Regardless of the paths we take into action, whether they bring us joy or despair, as long we become something better in the end. I find that open mind is the only mean to live in these dynamic times:)
      I always appreciate diversity of humanity, I guess things that make us different make us wealthier. Enjoy your Sunday:)