Sunday, December 6, 2015

Curiosity is chasing...

Nature represents unity of complexities, conditions and systems which are expressed through interaction of matter with itself under the influence of four basic forces, and through processes of maintenance and perseverance of energy. It is an overall system composed of countless processes taking place simultaneously, and run by: bifurcations and causality, the principle of uncertainty and the arrow of time. Chaos and disorder represent local features of nature and not its absolute attributes. In its evolutionary development nature through: irreversibility, instability, chance and probability; from chaos and disorder pursues balance and order.

Because of its irreversible feature, nature that we inhabit is devoid of symmetry. Irreversibility in its domain hides instability and randomness, and its origin is a fundamental concept which lies unequivocally from the evolution of nature and essence of existence.

In our attempt to analyze and understand nature, we must make it clear that there is no place with divine attributes enabling us to observe totality of reality. Perspectives of an overall reality may change quickly enough, so that our senses may not be in a possibility to perceive true form of nature.

Curiosity is chasing…

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