Saturday, May 14, 2016

High winds above

In this darling convenience of living, enriched with feelings of satisfaction and happiness, both of them leading us toward peace, unity, goodness at heart. Deep underneath the skin we live in, there lies nobility at the essence of our characters. A life becomes a collection of our high spirits, year after year, until thousands of eons have passed, so that we can be what we are today.

All of us, associates in this world between the sea and the mountains, a world within worlds, times and spaces; created from fabric colored with curiosity, entangled with our capacity to love. And with this world we share the same soul, for all of us own elements of magic, magic created from ancient angelic materials long ago forgotten, those mothers of creation.

And for such a world I yearn, in a darkened room full of green light, above the world of men, in this high hide of mine. I dare to look outside, where morals are depraved beyond understanding, and with a premeditated intention I stop looking at the ground beneath me and I look at the sky, there a cloud catches my blue eye… so I start to think of a name for a shape that moves and adapts to the high winds above.

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