Sunday, June 14, 2015

Smile, yours and mine;)

Natural order of things is irreversibly altered through implementation of alchemy, by transforming rust and inertial forces of time into life… life, finding its path from the breathless bottom all the way up to the breathless surface and into the heights. An everlasting sinusoid of breathtaking paradoxes, all of the bottoms and heights of oneself… inexorably splendid and marvelous by design, in their own strange ways.

And the smile always remains, as an end and beginning of things… smile, overt as it is, a doorway to our breathless souls… a soul irreversibly seduced by twisted witchcraft of the dark arts, and another thrilled by the enchantment of what can be only described as divine and pure. Corruption and innocence, creating the cupola of us, yours and mine…

The contradictions of this synergy of ours, angelic substance against an occult spirit… this moment, vast only in ecstasy, as it is… still ours, yours and mine;)

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