Saturday, August 8, 2015


Challenging youth with curiosity, pushing and learning with feelings, beyond needs. No roads, only racetracks. Existential imperfection in life, but with knowledge that wealth and happiness always arrive promptly when they appear from the inside. A strength of will, birthmarks of wisdom, the power to believe and take appropriate actions, ideals of purity and home of everything that is regarded as good, superlatives in human behavior, exemplary notions of beauty, smile... fucking hell, this girl is far beyond academic interest, is this arousal that I feel!? 

All of this, and more, packed in such a petite body, in a most beautiful youth. I stand here impressed beyond faith, with a smile, (and believe it or not) utterly speechless, she has just brought me back to school… and she, only with her twenty something years of age, stands across any believe which I hold as most firm, challenging in rush everything that is me… she beckons! I’m compelled to consider myself invited…

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